Audio & The Art Of Mindful Creativity


Are you struggling to build momentum on a creative project? Got the seed of an idea but having trouble clearing the early hurdles and getting your sound?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re writing a song, turning that tune in your head into an actual demo or putting together a podcast to launch yourself on an unsuspecting world. The first step is always the same: clear your mind, focus your thoughts, control your mind – let it flow and the rest will follow.

Like so many other things in life, producing inventive audio is all about mindful creativity.

We’re not saying you have to climb to the nearest mountain top, cross your legs and say “AUM”, but the lessons meditation techniques offer – when applied to sound recording and production – can make all the difference to clearing that writer’s block and helping the creativity flow.

When you meditate, you close the mind off from self-chatter and the noise of thinking by calming your breathing and muting the external distractions, allowing thoughts to pass to one side as you focus on breathing to channel your mind and attention. It’s not about not having thoughts – it’s about controlling the thoughts you have.

This is what RECHORD.XYZ has been built to do. We’ve written about the importance of simple audio tools with no barriers before, but that approach is built firmly on the lessons of mindfulness.

To enable creative people to make real headway with clarity and ease, we’ve recognised the importance of decoupling the noise, reducing the instrumentation and mechanisation, removing the infinite choices that block and stifle the creative mind and getting back to the source of invention.

This is about mindful invention – built into the UX/UI. Our colours, our screen, our disc interface, our contextual tool … it’s all about flow and muscle memory, it’s all about being able to do all the basic things you need to do, quickly, calmly, simply – all with one thumb.

The RECHORD.XYZ process is mindful by default because we mindfully built it that way.

It’s built to encourage creativity with simple audio recording because everyone else has made it over-complicated by design, which is excellent for hard core sound engineers, but a major barrier and deterrent to people who just want to create without first getting a masters degree in sonic sciences.

There is a design flaw in this: audio recording software and hardware considers the user as a consumer, not a creator. RECHORD.XYZ is not about getting folks to consume more, but it is absolutely about being able to create more, and to be able to create more, you need the simple tools to do just that, create – not consume.

That’s the problem we’ve been created to solve. Cramming a million high end functions into a digital audio workstation is all fine and well, but for the vast majority of people there are too many buttons, too much jargon, too much noise, too many choices, too many options to upgrade, too much upsell with the promise of making your work better, bolder and brighter – if you buy more. So much noise.

All this when the only noise that’s actually needed is the noise you’re trying to invent. We believe you need to mute the outer noise, to be able to tune into the inner noise.

Why spend energy on using the tool, when every thought you have is better spent on creating? And why should you have to learn a whole new skill before starting work when you already know what you’re trying to do?

Producing creative audio should be simple: have an idea, open an App, start recording. You should have simple choices that take away the background noises so you can focus your mind and attention – on creating. It should be as easy as meditating, it should be as easy as breathing.

And with RECHORD.XYZ it is that simple – because we’ve made it that way.
Creativity isn’t complicated.

Track. Tune. Bounce.

That’s all you need to know.

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