Low Cost = Rich Creativity


What is creativity worth, how much should it cost and where can I buy it?

At RECHORD.XYZ, we think the price should start low, and go down from there. The more people use, the more people save… because you can’t put a price on creativity.

That’s why we designed a pricing policy built on going lower the bigger we get. It’s not complicated.

Everyone gets to use the basic app for free. Easy.

You can Track, Tune, & Bounce as much as you want. Free, as low cost as you can get it.

If you want a bit more (more sessions, more tuning effects, more tools, more formats, bigger tools for bigger sounds) pay 79p/99c a month pay-as-you-go or £4.79/$5.99 annually for a subscription.

We’ve worked out that until we hit our target user numbers, that’s how much we need to build and manage a 4 track recording studio in your pocket that’s fast, high quality and incredibly easy to use straight out of the app store.

And that’s enough.

If we double our target subscribers we’ll reduce the cost to £2.50/$3.40 a year, Quadruple it and we’ll cut that to £1.25/$1.70. The more sign ups, the more we’ll slash the costs for everyone – even if it means reducing the premium subscription to 7p/10¢ per year.

Why? Because we’re making audio production as easy, accessible and ultra affordable as it can get. Creativity shouldn’t be expensive, it should be uncomplicated and it should be a joy to use…

We don’t care if you’re the biggest thing on the planet, or the next great undiscovered songwriter, a seasoned award winning journalist or a bedroom podcaster with stories to tell, a music tutor with lessons to share, a YouTuber or TikTokker who wants audio to sparkle – or if you’re just messing around to make friends and family have a laugh. Creativity isn’t complicated…

The important thing is, the more people have easy access to our audio tools – the more interesting and entertaining things we’re going to hear.

Make. Create. Have fun…
That’s the payoff.


Everything else will follow.

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