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So you build and launch your slick audio recording app in iOS, and now everyone with an Android device wants to know why you made that decision…

To be honest, it wasn’t complicated.

We know why they’re asking. Choosing one single operating system and you’re cutting yourself off from everyone that doesn’t currently use it. There’s charts and graphs and hard fact based stuff to prove it.

We really do know that. We’ve looked at slides with alarming curves and geographic spreads and some really, really deep stuff about demographics and it’s all great and real and super meaningful to lots of smart people. Honestly. We absolutely understand the whole data thing, and it’s all perfectly reasonable.

However, when you’re designing a creative tool that is all about reimagining the entire process of thinking about audio, you have to build it from the soul up. And that’s not something that exists on a spreadsheet

You have to start at the end – with creatives able to Track, Tune and Bounce quality audio easily, quickly, and wherever and whenever they want. It’s got to work effortlessly, you’ve got to get all the machinery and the blizzard of options out of the way…

And then, you have to end at the beginning – with a system which takes less than 10 mins to master, using devices you can absolutely trust – that your entire market already has in their pockets, and you have to meet and beat their expectations on price.

And in between those two points of Alpha and Omega, you’ve got to think about all the stuff that you can’t put numbers on – a whole shopping list of intangible things.

You’ve got to think about the history of software and hardware, the design of competing systems, the creative industry standard, the aspiration of users, style of devices, lifestyle choices, new approaches to thinking, old ways of thinking, intuition, clarity, simplicity and innovation.

Then you’ve got to take all of that and bundle it up for the modern consumer who are accustomed to all this background influence and folks that expect ingenuity as standard – and absolutely demand sophistication and innovation – right out of the box… and it all has to be accessible, and it all has to be simple, and you have to do all of this cost effectively or you don’t have a business. It’s got to all cost less to make than it is to buy…

And finally you have a decision to make, you’ve got to make the call: which company has a history of intuitive design and hardwired creative style? What platform supports clarity and ease of use as its go-to workflow? And which devices come with the audio functionality any competent recording tool needs at its very core?

And while you’re at it, which system has a secure, ubiquitous sign in solution that delivers the simple security we all need, together with a focussed approach to data protection, privacy and ownership that will give your users the confidence they need from the word go?

Take all of this into consideration and ask the question – pick the phone you build a 4-track recording studio into? and there’s only one answer…

So yeah, we chose Apple’s iOS as the only place to begin this journey built on simplicity, clarity and quality with no compromises in between.

Compromise your vision because of a theoretically bigger market? Or focus your energy into building the right tools on the right device which is not about one size fits all, but has to by design – underpin the way you are building your business?

This is about simple choices, and thinking differently to make those choices.

Creativity really isn’t complicated.

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